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Hello! I'm Jilly from EMF.

With an update, now you can synchronize you virtual fridge & shopping list with your family members or roommates.

By synchronizing the fridge, you can easily see what has been consumed by your family members and what to buy :)

As you all know, we respect your will of not wanting to sign-in with e-mail address, we also made it possible to share your fridge without necessarily creating an account.

Then how to use the sharing feature?

1. Click "Invite friends"

We will ask you to create a nickname that you will use for the fridge sharing.

2. Send invitations to your friends

Once you create your nickname, an invitation link will be automatically produced. Send the link to your friends.

3. Your friend click the link

If your friend is an iOS user and has not yet installed the app, she/he will be redirected to the web page below. Your friend then has to install the app and click the invitation link again.

If your friend is an Android user, she/he will be automatically redirected to Google Play.

When your friend click the link, she/he will be asked to create a nickname. And voilà,

You are connected to each other :)

4. Leave an encouraging review on App store and Google Play

If you are happy with this new feature, please leave us a 5 star review on App Store/ Google Play store. It will help us continue improving the app and be more visible on the app stores :) If you have any feedback, please send us an e-mail:

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