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Cook with what you
already have at home!

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Recipe list with ingredients found and not found

Ever opened your fridge and/or cupboards and had no idea what to make?

Are you sick of seeing rotting lettuce and bendy carrots?

Are you fed up with making tomato pasta?

Then, this app is for you!

EmptyMyFridge is an application that aims to reduce food waste by suggesting culturally diverse recipes based on what you already have at home.

key features

Key features

Add food items fast and effortlessly

Manage all food items at a glance

Matching recipes based on what you have

Find recipes including selected ingredients

up to 3 ingredients

 Search techniques

If a food item is about to expire, the algorithm will prioritise recipes which match that particular food item.

You can also search for recipes that include a certain ingredient in your fridge.


The search algorithm works according to the priority level* of each ingredient to yield optimised results.

*Users can change priority level of each ingredient.

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